Information on the processing of personal data

Please be informed that, for the execution of the contractual relationships underway with you, our company is in possession of information relating to you, acquired verbally, directly or through third parties, known as "personal data" in Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 concerning "Privacy". The legislation in question stipulates that whoever performs the processing of personal data is required to inform the interested party about which data is being processed and the treatment of said data, within the limits of fairness, legality and transparency, protecting the privacy and rights of the interested party. Therefore, in accordance with Art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, we provide the following information.

Type of data processed
We process your personal, fiscal and economic data, which are necessary for carrying out our contractual relationship with you. We are not in possession of any data classified as sensitive and/or judicial by art. 4, par. 1 Leg. Decree no. 196/2003.

Purpose of the processing
Your data is/will be processed in accordance with contractual requirements and consequent fulfillment of legal and fiscal obligations, as well as to allow efficient management of financial and commercial relationships. The data will be processed for the entire duration of the contract and thereafter for the completion of legal obligations as well as administrative and commercial purposes.

Processing methods
The processing of your data is/will be done through the use of tools and procedures that guarantee security and confidentiality, and may be carried out either by paper or by use of electronic tools.

Obligation or right to give data and consequences of refusal.
Concerning the data we are obliged to acquire — in order to fulfill the obligations required by laws, regulations and EU legislations (i.e. provisions issued by the authorities entitled by law and by the bodies of vigilance and control) — failure to provide this data on your part will make it impossible to establish or continue the relationship, to the extent that such data is required for the same. As for the data we are not required to know, failure to obtain it will be evaluated by us each time, to determine the consequent decisions regarding the importance of the data requested by us and not given by you.

Communication and disclosure
Your data will not be "disclosed" by us, the term meaning to make your data known to unspecified parties in any way, including through the provision or consultation of the same. Your data may be disclosed by us, the term meaning to make your data known to one or more parties, only as follows:

Your rights
What follows is an excerpt from art. 7 of Leg. Decree no. 196/2003, to remind you that you can exercise towards us the following rights:
To exercise these rights, you may contact the data manager, in the person of its legal representative, by post at the main headquarters of our company.

Data manager
The executive power behind the processing of your personal data is: GRENA s.r.l. - Via Offia 5 - 37047 San Bonifacio (Verona) - ITALY - VAT CODE: 01289690230

Information about the use of cookies on our website

This site uses cookies, i.e. text files placed on your terminal (desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, notebook) to collect and analyze, in an anonymous and aggregate form, information about your surfing behaviour.

The cookies used by the website do not allow the collection of personal information, do not try to connect your IP address to your identity and will not be used in any way for marketing purposes or the sending of advertising material.

Technical cookies on the website have the following specific characteristics and purposes:

The site may contain links to other sites that have their own privacy policy. This site is not liable for data processing done by these sites.

Through this site, certain services provided by third parties are made available to users, such as connecting to social networking services. In particular, the site presents social plugins for Facebook and Twitter. These plugins do not set a cookie, but if it is already on the visitor's computer, the plugins may be able to read it and use it according to its settings. The collection and use of information by such third parties are governed by their privacy policies. For more information on the use of data and their treatment by the social network, it is recommended you inspect:

How to disable cookies
You can refuse consent to the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate setting in your browser. The following section provides links that explain how to disable cookies for the most popular browsers.

How to delete cookies already stored on the terminal
Even if it is revoked permission to use third-party cookies, before that withdrawal cookies may have been stored on the user's terminal. For technical reasons, these cannot be deleted, but the user's browser allows their deletion in the privacy settings. The browsers in fact contain the option "Clear browsing data", which can be used to delete cookies, website data and plugins.

Cookies processing
In relation to the characteristics and purposes described, the processing of cookies is processed using manual, computer and data, with logic strictly related to the above and, in any case, in order to ensure the security and confidentiality of the same cookie.

Optional acceptance of cookies
Acceptance of cookies is optional and can be revoked/disabled at any time.
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