The GRENA production site was launched in 1956 by the Founder, Comm. Teresio Magagna, assisted by his wife Amalia, and it produced protein hydrolysates for zootechnical use. In the 1980s, the turning point: the production and marketing of organic fertilizers, stemmed from an intuition concerning the potential of the GRENA organic matrix, an intuition soon honed by the relevant research and development. In the 1990s, some organo-minerals products increased the range of the organic fertilizers, and the liquid biostimolant IDROGRENA was launched. IDROGRENA revolutionised the biostimulant range by introducing polyamines for the first time. After a period in which the company produced fertilizers for third-party companies, GRENA entered the market under their own brand in 1995.
Since 2011, GRENA s.r.l. has further specialized its production: the pellet format is now flanked by a new line of micro-pellet products. GRENA ULTRA MICRO got excellent market returns and feedback from the get-go. Even more versatile than pellet, it is suitable for orchards and grassed vineyards, where soil tillage is not possible, yet maintaining rapid mineralization and solubility. In 2013, ENERGY (with chelated micro-elements) joined the now well-established and appreciated IDROGRENA liquid biostimulant.


GRENA s.r.l. has always supported research and innovation in the field of nutrition. On the basis of the studies and agronomic research already existing, experimentation continues today in collaboration with third party research bodies, certification institutes and field technicians that the company uses to promote its products. This allows to prove the strong biostimulating activity of our products on the root system, thus allowing to give plants an excellent phytosanitary status. The use of GRENA fertilizers also determines a very important physical-biological action, with undoubted advantages on soil fertility and microorganisms.


Reducing the environmental impact is a topic very important for the company which, in recent years, has developed formulations that have allowed its products to comply with the strict organic farming laws. All GRENA products are obtained exclusively thanks to a natural thermal hydrolysis process.


GRENA s.r.l. it provides continuous training and information: first of all, to operators in the sector, but also to those who are particularly interested in the issue of the nutritional and phytosanitary status of their plants with the utmost respect for the environment.


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and thus listed in the major inputs lists for organic farming
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